S&S Organik Foods

Entrepreneur: Shikha Sinha & Manish Saran
Location: Lucknow

A Marine Engineer was happy, sailing on merchant ships along with his wife and kids. Though, with kids growing up, it was required to look for some shore avenues. Around that time, media stories around the food adulteration clubbed with the availability of ancestral fertile farmland led to the idea of getting actively involved in farming and to convert produce into products. The belief that Life is too beautiful and precious to harm by consuming adulterated food has led to S&S Organik Foods becoming a reliable name for organic products along with pure and natural products like Mustard Oil, Turmeric powder, Multi Grain Flour, Bajra Flour just to name a few. The motto is the crux of the br/and – S&S Organik Foods – ‘Shudh Ann, Swastha Tan, Prasanna Man’ (Pure Food, Healthy Body, Happy Mind)

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