Healthy Laddoo

Entrepreneur: Surabhi Nagaich & Krishna Kumar Nagaich
Location: Lucknow

With a legacy of 100+ years and lineage of sweets & snacks clubbed with their experience and passion for innovative new recipes with nutritious ingredients, not only satisfying a craving for sweetness but also adding valuable micronutrients for physical and mental health and fighting the world against malnutrition, is the key to building the start-up of Healthy Laddoo. Sweets are a part of the Indian Tradition. Healthy Laddoo blends the tradition with the continental taste and brings to you sweets, which are healthy and satisfy cravings for people suffering from diseases like BP, Sugar, and Heart issues using Organic Jaggery and Khand, instead of harmful white sugar. Healthy Laddoo - Fighting the world against malnutrition and low immunity.. HashTagBazaar is your one-stop-shop to browse through these emerging brands and order products to the get the best quality and healthy products. You can visit the Emerging Brand Category of products to explore these and other types of products on the HashTagBazaar Mobile App. Happy shopping!

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