Fresh, Out of the box - Emerging Brands on HashTagBazaar

There are too many brands available in India. Too much fighting
for the same space Read More.

Blossom Tea

Entrepreneur: Nazia Rizvi
Location: Lucknow

Blossom tea is a venture of Golden Tea Stores, serving delicious tea in Lucknow for the past 50 years dealing in high quality Assam CTC tea and Read More.


Entrepreneur: Shaloo Tewari
Location: Lucknow

Nutriplate understands the basic problem around eating healthy while still meeting professional deadlines in today’s fast-paced Read More.

S&S Organik Foods

Entrepreneur: Shikha Sinha & Manish Saran
Location: Lucknow

The belief that Life is too beautiful and precious to harm by consuming adulterated food has led to S&S Organik Foods becoming a reliable Read More.

Dr. Jaggery

Entrepreneur: Aniket Chauhaan & Vivek Singh
Location: Lucknow

Like any breakthrough in the Technological Era, Dr. Jaggey or Gur Junction’s idea- of transforming the age-old recipes of jaggery to suit the modern needs Read More.

Healthy Laddoo

Entrepreneur: Surabhi Nagaich & Krishna Kumar Nagaich
Location: Lucknow

Sweets are a part of the Indian Tradition. Healthy Laddoo blends the tradition with the continental taste and brings to you sweets, which are healthy and satisfy cravings for people suffering from diseases like BP, Sugar, and Read More.