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Clubbed Buying

Place Order : Option 1

Please download the Order Sheet file, enter your Order Details in it and then upload the filled-in file using the box given below. After uploading the file, click on Submit button.


कृपया ऊपर दिए link को click करें और File को Download करें। इस file में अपने ऑर्डर की सारी जानकारी भरें और नीचे दिए हुए box को click कर के वो भरी हुयी फाइल को Upload करें। Upload करने के बाद Submit बटन दबाएँ ।

Clubbed Buying Order by sheet
Maximum upload size: 83.89MB

Place Order : Option 2

Please note down your order on a piece of paper with product name, brand name-if any, pack size and quantity.
click a clear photograph of that paper and upload it by clicking on the link given below.
then, press the submit button


अपने ऑर्डर को एक कागज़ पर लिखें, जिसमें उस Product का नाम, अगर किसी ब्रांड का सामान आप लेना चाहते हैं तो उसका नाम, पैक का साइज (जैसे ग्राम, किलोग्राम,मीटर, नंबर) और आपको उसकी कितनी quantity चाहिए ज़रूर लिखें।
उस कागज़ के पन्ने की एक साफ़ फोटो खीचें और उस फोटो को नीचे दिए बटन पर click कर के उसे Upload करें।
फिर, Submit बटन दबाएँ।

Clubbed Buying Order by Image
Maximum upload size: 83.89MB

Place Order : Option 3

अपना ऑर्डर Place करने के लिए इस बटन पे Click करें

Clubbed Buying is a process, where you tend to save more. Now, how does that happen?
In the real bazaar, when you go to a shop with a few of your friends and buy a product together, you get great discounts. Haven’t we all experienced it at some point or another?
Similarly, under clubbed buying when you place the order and spread the word with your friends and acquaintances, some of them would also order their products. You can keep ordering your requirements on all Weekdays – Monday to Friday.
HashTagBazaar clubs all these orders from all our customers and bargains with the supply partners to provide you the best possible prices for your products. We get back to you with these best prices on Saturday and you can make the payment.
On Sunday, you get your products delivered, at the best bargained prices.